Thomas Steele-Maley

Founder: This Time of Now
I am the Co-Founder and a Managing Partner of This Time of Now helping organizations, companies and governments around the world solve intractable problems in the fields of learning and technology.

On Crowdsourced Innovation

How do we push the boundaries of collaboration and cooperation in learning, research, design....?Β  Working on a few projects that deal with these questions and have to say I have found Unleashing the Crowd a smart book.Β  I can remember meeting the Hyperloop TT folks in Dubai a few years back as we brought them into be advisors specifically for there crowdsource methodology -- the book does a nice job situating them.Β 
Do you have thoughts on this topic, examples you have seen work? I would love to hear about them.

Hello all

I share life with an incredible wife and two equally incredible sons, live on the coast of Maine and work globally. I like to trail run, hike, backpack, and SUP-boat in remote wildlands and believe wholeheartedly they should be kept wild. I also like to grow organic food and contribute however possible in our local community networks. Over the last 20 years I have worked across the world and on many projects in the fields of foresight, human and machine learning, technology and education.

So thankful for John inviting me to this community!Β 
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Your future of AI and Education

Looking through this group at the Media Lab and adding your foresight and vision/possible future-s Β what "project" in AI, Robotics and Education would you like collaborate on or see worked on?