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The global learning crisis as we call it...


Elon Musk's Experimental School Is Opening Up to Children for Online Learning

“There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more.” – Robert M. Hensel 
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The re:imagine learning circle community ground rules

The motivation behind setting up this community is simple: to provide a safe gathering place for anyone and everyone who takes an interest in the future of education and work.

We want it to be safe so people can actually gain trust, build relationships, collaborate and amicably build a better future together.

We are all a mentor and a pupil at the same time.

Some simple guidelines
  • Protect this space like your own so we can all continue to make it better. 
  • There are no ranks in this space, please have respect and courtesy for each other at all times
  • There should be no judgement nor discrimination, we are all entitled to our own opinions
  • If you disagree, walk away.  No toxicity would be tolerated whatsoever.

Once you sign up to be a member, we assume that you are in agreement with the terms outlined above.

We will pay due diligence to make sure everything is smooth and pleasant but we would also appeal to the community to help us keep an eye out and flag any irregularities.  

If you should notice any violation of our rules or malice, please contact us immediately.

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Online vs Offline learning

With the future leaning towards more and better use of technology, do you think that more learning should and would be taken online?  Then what are some of the merits of offline learning that will never be replaced by technology? 

Exactly, "whatever happened to childhood"?


It's not the toy maker's job to encourage more play

Play actually offers so much benefits in helping kids learn and grow.  But as parents and educators, we may have overlooked those benefits in helping in their pursuit towards academic excellence.   

Here's something that Lego published that laid out the benefits of play in very simple terms.  What do you think?

Ai from Saturday Kids: Preach what I do or do what I preach?

Due to my job, I am no outsider to the concept of play to learn and insights to parenting but I am also mother to two school going kids.  It is difficult to preach and do the same so I am trying and I know we are all trying....  :)
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