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Senior Digital Santas

An interesting read on how some seniors in USA are utilising the power of tech to help kids relive their Santa dreams during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Each year, White and Rogers, who met on 13 years ago, emerge dressed as the Clauses in Kansas City, Missouri, frequenting restaurants, museums, fundraisers and events, including the Kansas City Royals baseball team's holiday festival. Now, they're logging about four to six video calls an hour to kids and their families across the country, up to nine hours a day, on their website through Zoom. The price for a private chat ranges from $49 for 5 minutes to $69 for 10 minutes.

Full article:

Homeschooling in SG

" You cannot be the kind of parent that is very uptight about keeping up with the Joneses and getting A stars and good grades. If you are, I think you will be very, very frustrated. If you feel that your kid needs to get A stars, then you're not homeschooling, you’re schooling your kid at home."

I love this quote "you're not homeschooling, you're schooling your kid at home".

This article covers this Singaporean family's perspective on homeschooling their children.

Full article here:
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How a peanut butter side hustle grew from $1000/week to $500,000/month

The secret sauce to their success: Tiktok & Limited edition product drops

Other brands also adopting the concept of limited 'product drops':
Adidas' Yeezy sneakers
Supreme clothing
And more recently in Singapore, Ben Yeo's smoky chee cheong fun

Read the full article about the peanut butter side hustle here:

A No-Code future?

"To him, product represents value delivered, and nothing else. I learned about the mechanical turk model: how a Google Form and a couple of phone calls can support, and become the product, of any delivery business. No apps, no code: whatever it takes to get the job done, ASAP."Β 

This article provides a possible glimpse into the future of work, where applications would eventually be created without the need for hardcore coding skills.

A gaming startup's journey - 10 years on

An interesting read on the learnings of a gaming startup, which grew into one of the few behemoths in the gaming industry today:

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Hi there! I'm a Digital Marketer by day and an eCommerce entrepreneur by night.Β 

I specialise in Facebook advertising, and am currently trying to hone my expertise in Content & SEO.Β 

I would love to connect and share ideas on self-starter type of online businesses!
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